Over the years, one of the issues faced from a management perspective is delegation or onboarding. These terms both describe the same process; training someone else to do something on your behalf and trusting them to do it well. If you don’t have that trust, then you don’t feel you can delegate. It is a universal problem in any type of business.

How do you go about training someone to take on activities you are responsible for and ensure that you feel confident in their ability to do so?

Watch this short video from Michael Andersen for some great ideas on streamlining training, delegation and onboarding to create a more efficient workplace.

The solution to delegation issues is to have a framework within which you can identify what needs to be learned and create a clear, transparent communication method by which everyone can agree on training progress.  It needs to ensure that each party knows who owns the end results, whose job it is to be actually executing the work, overseeing the work, or doing neither of those.

Please contact  Michael Andersen with Essentia Business Advisers to discuss this system and how it can streamline your business processes, reduce employee turnover, and create a happier workplace for everyone.

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