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Time To Integrate, Facilitate and Execute!

Seasoned business owners need that time, that support, that expertise and guidance to allow them to get their companies to the next level. Once the executive management team is established and ready to take on the duties of running the day-to-day, you as the owner, need to have someone on the team that can facilitate the really impactful processes that will catapult your company into the future.


Planning for the Future Takes the right team as well as the right partners!


“Know When To Satisfice” – Building a future of suiccess through  processes and leadership skills that guarantee results is always our ultimate goal. Knowing “When to say when” is also a strategic tactic that can save you, your team and your budget. While striving for perfection is admirable, it should be done with the knowledge that perfection is only attainable in the eyes of your customers.


“Bring in a Proven Leader and Facilitator” – While Essentia has a number of programs that can be customized for any business challenge, the pinnacle of integrated business consulting is to have a member of the Essentia team spend time at the heart of the matter.  Utilizing Michael Andersen as an interim executive, a partner, that missing member of the executive team will help integrate and  facilitate the processes that your business needs and assure that you will have a partner with the experiences in business challenges you have yet to face.


“Creating an Onboarding Methodology – Mentor, teacher, leader, as the owner of your own business, you’ve positioned yourself in every role to make your company the success it is today. But now is the time to allow that base of knowledge to integrate itself through the executive leadership team you have created. Helping you create an effective onboarding methodology, Essentia will allow you to pass that knowledge on to the next generations of leaders in your company – creating efficiencies, hiring the right people for the job and assuring a strong workforce for years to come.


“Bringing Efficiency to Effectiveness” – Integrating the right strategies and planning is the basis of a smooth functioning business. Making those strategies and planning bear profit is the game of masters. Essentia will work with you and your executive team to hone and formalize your processes to a razor-sharp edge, cutting a path in to a more profitable future!


“Integrating TRUE Metrics for Measurement” – Michael Andersen and the Essentia team are keen on measurement. They are sticklers for trackability and being able to quantify the Return On Investment (ROI) from every action and process within your company.


Create Your Own Customized Coaching Sessions

Michael Andersen and the Essentia team are ready to help you get your company on track for the best possible future. Contact Michael today to discuss the options available to you and your company.


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