Accepting Ownership of Your Business

Accepting Ownership of A Truly Viable Business


– Own your Company instead of letting your company own you

You have the entrepreneurial spirit – always have. Dreams of “Working for yourself” and creating a life that is exciting and solely driven by you and for you is the stuff entrepreneurial dreams are made of. So where did it say that 15, 16, or even 20-hour days were part of the dream? When did you dream eating lunch at your desk or missing your daughter’s dance recital was going to be the sprinkles to the dessert every entrepreneur craves?


EssentiaBA can help you realize that entrepreneurial dream.

There’s no reason for dire personal sacrifice just to be a business owner. Michael Andersen will work with you to better focus time and your effort on what a successful business owner can do; while leaving less-critical tasks to others to handle.


EssentiaBA can build a team that wins as a proven strategy.

Creating a management team that can execute WITHOUT the owner (you) present is a delicate process. Without it, you as sole holder of the winning process, will never be able to focus on building the business – instead mired down by the process of the production.  EssentiaBA works with you and your management team to uncover the TRUE leaders in the company, what they do, how they do it, and how communications and accountability will best be managed.

Whether you need to review some “Business 101” or are ready to get started on forming your “Go To Market” strategy, Michael and the EssentiaBA Team are ready to guide you through the process.


EssentiaBA can identify the waste and cut the fat from your budget.

Payroll, bloated labor expenses – the ability to manage them is an art. For your business, the need to control spending and manage finances from the ground up is a priority! Michael Andersen and the EssentiaBA team will identify your profit holes and show you how to create an investment environment that is focused on growth instead of simply surviving.


EssentiaBA knows that as a small business owner you struggle. As a business owner you need the proper guide to navigate the waters that may be rougher than others.

Here is where it all begins!

If you feel like your wheels are spinning and need some proven traction, the Essentia Group Coaching sessions will help you take hold and move your business to the next level.

  • Start Growing The Company
  • Build A Go To Market Strategy That Actually GOES!
  • Answer Leadership Questions That Haunt Every Small Business
  • Take Control Of The Future Of The Business
  • Take Control Of YOUR Future


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