In a recent post, we discussed the need for an “On Purpose” sales process and how to build it for a more strategic and ultimately more profitable sales cycle. But once that purpose is discovered, once the ideal target has been defined, how does a smart company effectively understand where things are at in the sales process ad well as manage and track the sales data that comes through the system?  Simply stated, the answer is “An effectively chosen and integrated CRM.”

sales CRM toolsA CRM is a tool, that in the hands of someone who

  • intentionally wants to sell,
  • understands their ideal client,
  • understands their company’s value proposition, and
  • has a process to which they can walk that customers through,

… allows them to manage and effectively convert sales for the company.

Below, Michael Andersen, president of Essentia, discusses evaluating and determining the “best” CRM for your company:

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://essentiaba.com/wp-content/uploads/audio/Mandersen-CRMpt1.mp3″] < CLICK TO PLAY “Michael Andersen – “CRM For Your Business – Pt.1” AUDIO

As discussed in the audio clip, based on the sales maturity of your company and the ability of you and your team to process data from a CRM or virtually any tool brought into the workflow; the CRM that is “Right” for your company has little to do with size, scope, industry or age of your company. Finding the right CRM for your company ultimately will better facilitate the growth process in which your company needs to go through to define your company’s unique value proposition, define the ideal customer to track within that CRM and successfully stay focused on landing those clients

Many of the CRM tools out there are similar; find one that fits the people and nature of your organization. To discuss this finding the right CRM or any other tool  as well as the integration of that tool within your company, contact Michael Andersen at Essentia Business Advisors. With over 20 years of experience guiding companies through strategic sales and systems integration, Michael and the Essentia team can help you and your leadership team focus your process and start implementing the tools needed for future business growth.

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