Working with Essentia

The Essentia Philosophy

At Essentia, like you, we take our business very personally. It’s your business that creates the life in which you desire to live. It’s your business that creates a legacy that you will someday pass on to your children and the community that surrounds and supports you. You are building a business based on your values, your vision and your passion – and is like no other.


That’s why you can’t just grow your business with any “off the shelf” plan!

You and your company experience business challenges that are specific and singular to your company’s culture. No one knows your business better than you. No one can formulate a plan to help you grow your business unless it’s UNIQUE to you and your company.


And at the same time you KNOW that there are best practices that your business would benefit from.

That’s where Michael Andersen and Essentia Business Advisors comes in. With over 25 years of experience, Michael has specialized in customizing business consulting to suit his clients’ individual needs. He positions Essentia into YOUR business culture to understand and guide you and your managers through the challenges you face and will be facing in the future.  Michael wants you to take ownership of your own business process – designed for you and your company from proven best practices and geared specifically to truly GROW your company and help you realize opportunities that, today, seem out of reach.


Companies in need of a push will get exactly that.

You can expect fully immersed interaction within your company from the start. Micheal’s  focus on business growth rather than reduction or cost cutting immediately positions your company to grow above the bottom line.  From there, your bottom line grows WITH the company instead of dragging down your efforts.

For Essentia, “Actionable Accountability” is the name of the game. Michael Andersen and the Essentia consulting team work to provide companies with a tangible takeaway and a commitment from the client to take action in every meeting!


The Essentia Vision

At Essentia Business Advisors our vision is for the owners and executives of each business we work with to fully realize their full business potential.  We believe that by helping you achieve better visibility, control, efficiency and effectiveness within your business, the effect will be unprecedented growth.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Essentia. Michael and his team took the time to understand my business, worked within our budget, and gave us quick, reliable service. Not only do they have the knowledge to help build successful business strategies, I can trust that it will be UNIQUE to MY business and not just a boilerplate solution!”

– Andrew B. Clark
CreateWOWmarketing, LLC – President


The Essentia Mission

Our mission is to be the #1 choice of businesses in the facilitation of growth through coaching, consultation, assessment, and training of businesses and their teams throughout Iowa and the Midwest.

We accomplish our work towards our vision and accomplish our mission through providing insights, tools, and best-practice techniques. Throughout the coaching process we work along side you to set your desired business trajectory so that together, we will make your future larger than your past!

Michael Andersen

Today as President of Essentia Business Advisors, Michael is involved in business coaching and other leadership roles for a number of owners and executives in various industries. Building businesses and bringing out the best in people continues to be his passion.

To learn more about Michael, click here

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