High-Level Business Strategies and Execution

High-Level Business Strategies and Execution
Breathing Lasting Life Into Your Business


Your company is a living, breathing entity, like a child you’ve raised from entrepreneurial infancy to a flourishing, mature business that not only sustains your way of life, but those within the company. As the owner you should stand proud knowing that the dreams you envisioned years ago are at the stage where they can be liberated to grow and flourish without you. But like any business owner, your connection to the company and its ability to run successfully without your direct attention to the day-to-day often times conflict. Where in your leadership team is the next Company Captain? How can you, as owner, track the health, growth and sustainability of the business from afar?


Integrating the correct tools for this level of business ownership is important to you and the success of the business’s future. While you will no longer be in direct control of the day-to-day operations, you and your management team want to be comfortable that the company has the proper systems developed to continue the positive growth it’s experienced in the past.


Some questions we would encourage you to ask upon reaching this stage in the company’s life cycle:


1) Does the company have an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system coordinating the company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects?


2) How does the company coordinate and track the important business management resources like finance and accounting or manufacturing sales? The appropriate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution would make this transition easier and much more efficient to execute.


3) Do you know how effective are the company’s HR (Human Resources) policies and the employees’ understanding of their places within the company? Or will you be battling resistance to efforts to change the leadership structure?


4) How do you integrate the strategy/vision of the company and manage expectations?


5) How do you organize around the customer and how do you implement CRM best practices or an ERP that is custom to your management team’s style?




The answer to these questions lies not only in the deep understanding of your company, but in having an experienced guide that has implemented successful systems like these into companies as unique as yours.


Essentia will walk WITH you and your team through the creation of accurate and lasting systems and integrate them into the day-to-day process for your leadership team and managers to follow as you lead from outside the company.


Work directly with EssentiaBA and Michael Andersen to discuss, discover and develop strategies and systems that will make a sustainable company possible. Build a future for the company that will allow safety and security and guarantee success today and into the future.


Here is where you start!

  • Take comfort in the future of your company

  • Empower your Leadership team to take control of the company
Integrate and activate the tools throughout the enterprise for focused business measurement
Build the systems within the company that will assure smooth sailing in the future


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