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Together, we will make your future stronger than your past!

Effective coaching is about more than just talking together. Its about a consultant providing you with useful tools, services, and skill sets. Our services are designed to best facilitate you and your team not just learning the best ways, but actually effecting change.

At our core, Essentia offers three levels of service to our clients. These levels progress logically across the Strategic Business Life Cycle.

Some of the Essentia Business Advisors Services include:


Quarterly Planning Days

Four times a year a complete day is focused on planning your business for the next 3 months.  These are intense sessions that help you take time out from working “in” your business and instead work “on” your business.  During these sessions you will gain insights, learn new methods, discover new tools, and identify the next-step-results that you will expect for the coming quarter.


Periodic Coaching

A Business Coach is an experienced colleague that facilitates your professional development activities as a business owner or manager. We will push you to achieve optimum performance, provide support when you need it most, and teach you to execute plans that the competition does not anticipate.  Our periodic coaching sessions  both assist you with your real-time challenges and hold you accountable to the commitments you made to your business.

The more you understand people, the better you will know how to bring out the best from them. When used prior to hiring, a manager can better identify the alignment a candidate has with the job requirements.  Using assessments, managers and supervisors can have access to accurate data to make clear, informed decisions.  We are certified in how to best integrate the use of these assessments throughout your company to enhance leadership capabilities and effectiveness.


Business Tools

Capabilities are enhanced when tools help us focus our efforts and benefit from best practices of others.  We have invested heavily in our library arsenal of tools, forms, spreadsheets and templates.  These documents can be custom tailored to fit your business process and terminology.  Some of these tools are shared and used within our coaching sessions, while others are licensed for your company’s use and trained to your team through a workshop.


Customized Workshops

When the time is right for including your team in developing plans or leading change in your business practices, workshops designed to train new concepts and gain team buy-in are available.  Since results don’t come from simply learning, but instead from actual daily implementation, these sessions are designed to both teach the heads of your employees and to engage their hearts in the change.  Some of our topics available include:

  • Leadership by Design

  • Accountability Culture

  • Using Assessments for Coaching

  • Empowered Teams

  • Distributed Financial Management

  • Consultative Selling

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Effective CRM Practices

  • Financial Dashboard

  • Strategic Planning

Real World Roundtables

Owners and executives can often feel isolated.  While your employees are there to help you, some of the most important decisions affect them in ways that do not allow you to involve them.  It is helpful to have peers that experience the same issues to learn from.  We facilitate monthly and quarterly roundtables where similar-level executives come together.  There they discuss issues in their business, learn some about a business topic and interact with the other members.

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