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Business Coach – Michael Andersen
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Michael is a seasoned business coach and strategist who focuses on revenue growth and entrepreneurial development opportunities. Over the last 25 years he has incubated, acquired and divested multiple companies, and as a senior executive and/or owner has overseen all aspects of business operations for companies with as many as 50 professional employees. His significant role as a consultant also expanded his field of experience to include leadership on projects with company executives at Wells Fargo, Sprint, John Deere, AgReliant, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Marsh McLennan, General Mills, and Brinker International, among others. Over the last few years he has also become business coach to a number of smaller company presidents, owners and sales executives.


Built on the foundation of his BBA from the University of Iowa and his MBA from Drake University, Michael has added certifications in several disciplines including sales, project management, technology, and human resources. He also keeps up with current trends and research through his work as an adjunct professor for Simpson College. Known for his ability to explain “the why behind the what” and then “now what, so what”, he has, through his passion for training developed over 3000 business professionals.


Michael began in the technology field through creating a computer training division for a regional computer store chain that he positioned with their sales force to capture several new Fortune 100 clients for the chain. He then started his own technology consulting firm which grew to be one of the largest CRM implementers in the world with over 2500 customers over a 6-state area in the 15 years he was involved. During those years he also led multiple business process re-engineering projects and the resulting development projects, the largest of which was over $2 million in scope. He continues to teach at Simpson College and consult on technology architecture today.


Throughout his career, Michael has focused on sales and marketing related projects. He has led brand development, marketing strategy, sales force development, sales organizational alignment, CRM implementation, public and private web concepting and development, and event management projects. He was an early visionary for mobile sales CRM as the inventor of “GoldPocket” and became known nationally for his public speaking engagements on the topic of “Organizational Change and Adoption of CRM”. He also provides numerous businesses with sales leadership coaching and performs a role as interim Sales and Marketing VP for several companies.


He is a certified practitioner in DISC, PIAV, DNA, and PTSI- multiple industrial personal assessments used to understand personal attributes in the workplace. Based on his expertise, he is often called upon to provide coaching plans, pre-hire assessments, and outplacement counseling and has co created a scientifically designed interviewing method tailored to a position’s profile. His insight on how to read, motivate and influence people is highly regarded.

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