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Group Coaching / Real World Roundtables:

In the earlier stages of business ownership, it’s imperative to have a business coach on your side that has seen the game through.  From building an effective go to market strategy to determining efficient workflow, management and financial viability, these processes are not to be taken on alone. Through the Essentia Group Coaching Sessions, Michael Andersen and the Essentia team will help you and your business take the first steps down the path of entrepreneurial success.

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In Essentia Group Coaching Sessions you’ll cover the following entrepreneurial and business challenges:

“My Company Owns Me” –Have your entrepreneurial inspirations moved from “Dreams of Greatness” to “Surviving the Storm?” You’ll discuss HOW your company is structured and HOW you, as the owner, can manage your time, your clients and your money more wisely and create a truly self-sustaining business.


“Building My Executive Team” – As owner, does the company’s success or failure rest solely on your shoulders? As an entrepreneur, they should – for a time, but one unique trait of a truly successful company is the ability to form a TEAM that can execute TOGETHER instead of everything falling on the owner’s shoulders. Successful companies have well defined executive teams that display organization, efficiency and a complete control of the future of the company. Through your Leadership Coaching sessions you will discover the most efficient plan and execution model to achieve team success today and in the future.


“Every Brain in the Game” – Like the plugs and pistons of a well-tuned engine, each person in your company provides their own unique value. Through training, culture-building, mentoring and “Real leadership” techniques, your employees become more than just the tools of your company, they become vested in the success of the company! Essentia will help guide you through the process of getting “Every Brain in the Game.”

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