Our Associates

Essentia has the honor of working with the best business minds in the world. We now can provide access to these business innovators for YOUR COMPANY!

Larry Lewis

Larry Lewis – www.clientbuildertraining.com

Larry Lewis, the founder of Client Builder Sales and Marketing, grew up in a family business – a wholesale distribution company that sold heating and cooling equipment to HVAC dealers.  This experience gave Larry the opportunity to witness firsthand just how important sales and marketing skills are to the success of the typical small business.

Essentia’s President, Michael Andersen is a contributor in the development of the Client Builder Training program as well as the book, “Client Builder Selling.” For more information on how to implement Client Builder Selling as part of your Go–To–Market strategy,  contact Michael today!

Client Builder Selling by Larry Lewis, Michael Andersen
George Hedley

George Hedley – www.HardHatPresentations.com

Also known as “The Business Builder,” George Hedley is the author of one of Essentia’s favorite business development books, “Get Your Business To Work.”  With a focus on facilitating change and developing successful business in the construction industry, George has had tremendous success as a speaker, coach and mentor. Michael Andersen and George work closely in mastermind groups to further their business coaching services.

To learn more about how George and his teachings have influenced Michael and the Essentia team, you can go here to download the 1st chapter of George’s book, “Get Your Business To Work.”

Jon Denney

Jon Denney – www.JDenney.com

Jon Denney and Michael Andersen collaborate on business coaching and development seminars for small to medium sized businesses. From reigning in the focus of entrepreneurial passion to integrating enteprise-wide systems for successful business management, Jon and Michael take pride in the proven systems they have developed for their business coaching clients.  Together, they developed and customized each of the real world roundtables and leadership coaching sessions that you will participate in.

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