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Essentia Leadership Coaching:

At every stage of business ownership, it’s imperative to have a business coach on your side that has seen the game through.  You need a cohesive leadership team with the ability to unify their staff around the unique qualities of the business. You also need to incorporate “Best-Practices” in order to gain efficiencies and a competitive edge. By leveraging this unique team and best practices combination, you will be able to generate momentum in the growth of your company. Through the Essentia Leadership Coaching sessions, Michael Andersen will help you and your team step out to work ON your company instead of IN it.


In Essentia Leadership Coaching sessions you and your executive team will take comprehensive look into YOUR company’s challenges. Some concepts we’ve addressed with other companies include:

“My Company Could Should Be Doing Better” – The company capabilities have been serving you well over the past years, but you know that to continue positive growth, there will need to be some changes made. You don’t want to keep recreating the wheel, but you also haven’t the time, patience or experience in setting your leadership team on the right path. Here is where the mettle of a TRUE leader shows itself. The time to step into that role is now.


“Day-To-Day Is In The Way!” – As owner, you have the processes, techniques and the secrets to the company success down. You show that every time you step over the threshold of the company doorway. But when it comes to working on the business instead of in the business, you’re confronted with the challenge of “how do I facilitate change while participating?”


“Finding Everyone Focusing On The SAME Horizon” – Managing people in a growing company offers the challenge of not only personal conflicts, but professional pride, drive and  direction that may not always be in line with the horizon the company is working toward. Steering the team into the right winds is the duty a captain must have and to get the entire team facing the same direction will result in the most effective production ever. Can you get them there alone?


“Taught To Lead”- What good does a leadership team make when it is constantly questioned, reprimanded or the directions change from day-to-day? As the business owner, now is the time to get out of your own way and let the leadership team learn to lead. With Essentia showing them a consistent, proven path to success, you can concern yourself with the future of the company and how it will get there.


“Fighting ‘That’s Not My Job?’” – Every role in a company is important. When it comes down to knowing who does what and why, it’s the leaderships’ responsibility to have that organization under control. Organizational charts, onboarding programs and HR facilitation comes into play for good reason. Now is the time to create that starting team and trust it will get you to the next level.


“There Are Still 24 Hours In A Day”- While there are definitely only 24 hours in a day, it’s baffling how Warren Buffet can make BILLIONS in the same 24 hours where you struggle to make a fraction of that.  So why are Buffet’s hours more profitable? Time management. Cutting waste, amplifying action and laser focus can get you closer to that optimal profitability for your time. Take this time, today, to make the future better!


    • Dedicated Executive Team Leadership Meetings:

  • You will be scheduling two monthly 2-hour meetings with Michael Andersen.
  • You and your own executive leadership team will work through evaluations, goal-setting and task assignments to be reviewed quarterly for accountability, leadership challenges and modifications to strategy plans for the entire year.
  • These sessions will be directed at moving your company from stagnation to action-oriented in the most effective and profitable means possible.

    • At each of the quarterly meetings, Michael will guide you and your leadership in team huddles through:

    • Creating the processes needed for growth in the company


    • Inventing the next steps for your company


    • Producing and documenting the vision with specific goals set throughout the company


    • Developing TRUE coaching capabilities (how NOT to be an abusive leader)


    • Understanding the experiences that are foreign to you and your team

    Special Leadership Retreat:

    • You and your executive leadership team will join Michael for an entire day.


    • The focus of this retreat is to review performance goals and the leadership plans that have been developed through the consulting and quarterly leadership coaching sessions.


    • This retreat will be “Off-Site” and willrequire 100% attention and focus from you and your leadership Developing TRUE coaching capabilities (how NOT to be an abusive leader)


    • Understanding the experiences that are foreign to you and your team


  • Here is where the results are seen and the path to a clearer future are realized!

If you think you’re ready to take the next step to realizing a more successful future, click on the link below. Michael Andersen will contact you personally to schedule you in to the existing Essentia Business Leadership Coaching sessions.

Micheal works with just a handful of companies in these Leadership Coaching programs, so schedule yours today!

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