Creating Order Out Of Business Chaos

Creating Order Out Of Business Chaos


Building a process for team success

When your business was an entrepreneurial dream, you fought time and personal management. Now that you have the team and processes for getting them started what are the next steps?  Management solutions and employee conflict are challenges to building a cohesive team – impeding the growth of any business. With the proper consulting and proven processes for dealing with these issues, your company will be running with the speed and power of a well-seasoned Fortune 100 company.


EssentiaBA can steer you and your business toward a focused, measurable, brand-driven success story.

Brand is the foundation that great business is built on. Without your team focused on the same core, brand-driven goals, a company is rudderless. Goals are valuable and those built on your unique brand should be attainable and measurable. Each team member must have it committed to memory, including targeted delivery dates on tasks to reach their goals.  Michael and the EssentiaBA team will work with you and your management team on creating a meaningful brand-driven set of goals, and how to rally the team around them.

Be prepared for the tough questions and to be challenged to develop “meaningful” goals as well.  Real goals are manageable, and the steps to reach them, with brand-focused commitment, can be implemented with tremendous success!


EssentiaBA will help your business develop the processes to build sustainable outside sales.

Not all salespeople are the same. Some, as you well know, are exquisite at the art of offending customers and being boorish in networking environments. But at the same time, there are those salespeople that are efficient, effective and profitable. Michael will, first-hand, show you and your leadership team the tools that will make a sustainable outside sales process successful. More than that, he will evaluate your current sales processes for holes or practices that need updating or could benefit from an objective eye. Not all salespeople are created equal, but Michael and the EssentiaBA team will coach, build and mold a team that is best for your company and for future company growth


Here is where business really takes off!

If you and your leadership team aren’t feeling the RUSH of business growth, you need to solidify a strong, viable plan. Working closely with Michael and the Essentia Team in their Business Leadership Coaching sessions will point your company in the right direction .

Stop the Knee-Jerk Decision-Making and Build Brand-Driven Evaluation Models
Connect With Your Target Market And Make An Impact
Build and Stabilize a “Workflow-to-Cash Flow” Business Strategy
Scale The Company’s Equity Model For Maximum Growth
Invest For The Future


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