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You’re one step closer! It’s time to finish the process.

By contacting Essentia, you’ll have the opportunity to work with Michael Andersen, one-on-one in conference calls as well as work with other like-minded business owners to solve the most challenging business issues of the day. Be ready to have the hard questions asked and to be shown a new light for a better and more profitable business future!

Leadership Coaching

With the right team, the business of moving your business forward will be smoother. It’s not your business to train leaders, it’s your business to make money. How you LET them lead and how they TAKE responsibility will make all the difference in the world. Now is the time to captain that ship toward the future of the company. Essentia and Michael Andersen can help you get the team ready.

See below the Monthly, Quarterly and Annual components of our Leadership Coaching program.


    • Dedicated Executive Team Leadership Meetings:

  • You will be scheduling two monthly 2-hour meetings with Michael Andersen.
  • You and your own executive leadership team will work through evaluations, goal-setting and task assignments to be reviewed quarterly for accountability, leadership challenges and modifications to strategy plans for the entire year.
  • These sessions will be directed at moving your company from stagnation to action-oriented in the most effective and profitable means possible.

    • At each of the quarterly meetings, Michael will guide you and your leadership in team huddles through:

  • Creating the processes needed for growth in the company
  • Inventing the next steps for your company
  • Producing and documenting the vision with specific goals set throughout the company
  • Developing TRUE coaching capabilities (how NOT to be an abusive leader)
  • Understanding the experiences that are foreign to you and your team

    • Special Leadership Retreat:

  • You and your executive leadership team will join Michael for an entire day.
  • The focus of this retreat is to review performance goals and the leadership plans that have been developed through the consulting and quarterly leadership coaching sessions.
  • This retreat will be “Off-Site” and will require 100% attention and focus from you and your leadership team!
  • Developing TRUE coaching capabilities (how NOT to be an abusive leader)
  • Understanding the experiences that are foreign to you and your team

Here is where the results are seen and the path to a clearer future are realized!

Due to high demand, Essentia only offers these specialized Leadership Coaching packages to a handful of companies.

Please contact Michael today to reserve your team’s space!
This entire package, leadership meetings, leadership team huddles and the annual retreat are only $1,899.00/mo.!

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